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Digital Archiving

As we move deeper into an Internet-based digital world, traditional archival materials – be they paper documents, photographs, audio recordings or videotapes – are of little value unless they can be digitized for use by modern computer systems and preservation for generations to come.


Send us your Betas, 3/4” U-matics, VHS cassettes, 8mm tapes, photos and more.  We work with our clients to identify, catalog, convert and store their valuable assets so that they can be easily and efficiently searched.  Sure, we’ve done it for the New York Public Library, among others with large tape libraries, but no job is too small.

Employing powerful, best-of-breed technology, as well as our own creative know-how, we also offer a range of additional services.  All work is guaranteed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Our Asset Management services begin with a detailed assessment of each client’s specific needs.  Call or e-mail to set up an appointment with our team of solution designers.​

Basic “Laundry” Service includes:


• Ingestion of analog material

• Conversion into digital files

• Attachment of high-level system metadata


Premium Services:

• Transcription

• Logging

• Compilation

• Craft Editing

• Closed Captioning

• Transcoding

• Hosting



Eliminate clutter, reduce high storage fees, go green, and preserve your video images for posterity.

From personal collections to entire libraries, Digital Laundry will convert your VHS, 3/4”      U-matic, Beta, DVC-Pro and Hi-8 tapes into professionally recorded and labeled DVDs.

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