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Drawing from a long and successful record in the broadcast industry, Digital Laundry is a start-to-finish creative and production services company providing holistic solutions to all of your digital media needs.

As veterans of the broadcast industry, with a bunch of awards to show for it (yes, those are our Emmys), we offer the best in video storytelling to a wide variety of broadcast, agency, corporate and not-for-profit clients.


Located in Manhattan, our state-of-the-art green screen studio (PERFECT for inserts, interviews, web series, media training...) and comfortable edit suites will give you the highest quality production and post-production content.  From simple space rentals to complete media development, Digital Laundry provides expertise tailored to your requirements.


Looking to preserve what you already have?  We deliver large-scale conversion, metadata creation, and comprehensive asset management all within our secure, purpose-built Manhattan facility.  Utilizing the most powerful best-of-breed technology available, analog and digital tape media is converted into fully searchable, retrievable, and secure archived files. No in-house or post-production solution is as safe, efficient, and cost-effective.


Whether generating new content or upgrading media for a digital world, we view media from an industry end-user's perspective.  Your content is our number one priority.


Se habla español.  Ici on parle français.  Si parla italiano.

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